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Norvasc 10mg 10 Tablets


Form: 10 mg tablet Contents: Amlodipine besilate Drug Class: Calcium Antagonists / Anti-anginal Drugs Uses: hypertension Category: Bp Care Company: Pfizer

Micardis 80mg 10 Tablets


Form: 80 mg tablet Contents: Telmisartan Drug Class: Angiotensin II Antagonists Uses: hypertension Category: Bp Care Company: Boehringer Ingelheim

Stresstabs 8 Tablets


Stresstabs (Multivitamins + Iron) 8 Tablets Stresstabs (Multivitamins + Iron) is a multivitamin supplement that is used to treat or prevent Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron deficiencies...

Myra E 400IU 12 Capsules


Myra 400-E (Vit A, D, E) 400 IU 12 Capsules Myra 400-E (Vit A, D, E) 400 IU is beauty vitamin that has powerful antioxidant benefits from 400IU of pure...

Neurobion 100mg/200mg/200mcg 10 Tablets


Neurobion  100mg/200mg/200mcg 10 Tablets Neurobion 100 mg 200 mg 200mcg details: Neurobion 100 mg 200 mg 200mcg is indicated for nerve pain (pricking/tingling in your extremities, numbness, muscle stiffness and/or...

Bactidol Oral 60ml 1 Solution


Bactidol Oral 60ml Bactidol Oral 60 ml (Hexetidine) gives a soothing and temporary relief of minor sore throat. It also gives a beneficial effect on the color and tone of...

Symdex D 10 Tablets


Symdex D 10 Tablets Symdex D (Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride, Chlorphenamine Maleate, Paracetamol) is a medication used as a relief of symptoms associated with common colds which includes headache, allergic rhinitis, and...

Salinase 30ml 1 Spray


Form: spray 30ml Contents: NaCI Drug Class: nasal decongestants & other nasal preparations Uses: Drops, spray & nebulizing solution: Moisturizes dry, crusted & stuffy nostrils due to allergy, colds, sinusitis...

Zykast 10 Tablets


Form: tabletContents: Levocetirizine montelukast NaDrug Class: Antihistamines & AntiallergicsUses: allergic rhinitisCategory: Allergy CareCompany: Cathay

Ziproc 100mg 10 Tablets


ZIPROC TABLET 100MG Ziproc 100 mg is a tablet given to those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia and patients who fail to respond to classical antipsychotics. Ziproc 100 mg is...

Robitussin DM 120ml 1 Bottle


Robitussin DM 120ml Robitussin DM (Dextromethorphan hydrobromide, guaifenesin) is a cough medicine for treatment of flu or cold. It is a temporary cough relief due to bronchial irritation and minor...

Cherifer PGM 10-22 Teenagers + Zinc 10 Capsules

₱195.41 – ₱3,321.97

Cherifer PGM + Zinc 10-22 (10 Capsules) Cherifer PGM + Zinc with Chlorella Growth Factor, multivitamins, minerals and taurine   Cherifer PGM 10-22 With Zinc is fortified with 100% recommended...

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