Gastro Care

Ursofalk 250mg 10 Capsules


Form: capsule 250mg Contents: Ursodeoxycholic acid Drug Class: Cholagogues, Cholelitholytics & Hepatic Protectors Uses: Treatment of biliary reflux gastritis and cholestatic liver disease Category: Company: Falk

Aspilets EC 80mg 10 Tablets


Form: tablet 80mg Contents: Aspirin Drug Class: Anticoagulants,Antiplatelets & Fibrinolytics (Thrombolytics Uses: For the prevention of cardiovascular disease Category: Gastro Care Company: United PharmaMediclick, Caring that Clicks – Proactive, Integrated and...

Dulcolax 5mg 12 Tablets


Dulcolax 5mg 12 Tablets Dulcolax 5 mg is used to treat constipation. Dulcolax 5 mg is known as a stimulant laxative. Dulcolax 5 mg uses include cleaning out the intestines...

buscopan Venus 10mg/500mg 4 Tablets


Buscopan Venus 10mg/500mg 4 Tablets Buscopan Venus 10 mg/500 mg has Hyoscine-N-butylbromide + Paracetamol provides relief from the pain of stronger abdominal cramps including menstrual cramps and urinary tract spasm....

Buscopan Plus 500mg 4 Tablets


Buscopan Plus 500mg 4 Tablets Buscopan Plus 500 mg is a known antispasmodic substance that relieves the pain by acting on the muscle spasm which causes the pain. Buscopan Plus...

Duphalac 3.3g/5ml 45ml 1 Bottle


Form: syrup 45mL, 3.3g/ 5mL Contents: Lactulose Drug Class: Cholagogues, Cholelitholytics & Hepatic Protectors/Laxatives,Purgatives Uses: Constipation: Regulation of physiological rhythm of the colon Category: Company: AbbottMediclick, Caring that Clicks –...

Dulcolax Pedia 5mg 5 Suppositories


Dulcolax Pediatric (Bisacodyl) 5mg 5 Suppositories Dulcolax 5 mg (bisacodyl) is indicated for patients who suffer from constipation and for preparation of diagnostic procedures, also in pre- and post-operative treatment...

Hydrite Banana 1 Sachet


Form: Sachet Contents: NaCl 520 mg, trisodium citrate dihydrate 580 mg, KCl 300 mg, anhydrous glucose 2.7 g Drug Class: Electrolytes Uses: Infections caused by susceptible organisms including upper &...

Hydrite Apple 1 Sachet


Hydrite Granules (Apple) 1 Sachet Hydrite Granules (Apple) treat dehydration diarrhea in children and adults. Hydrite treat dehydration diarrhea replaces fluid and electrolytes that are lost because of diarrhea and...

GI Norm 10mg 10 Tablets


Form: tablet 10mg Contents: Domperidone Drug Class: GIT Regulators, Antiflatulents & Anti-Inflammatories Uses: Used in the treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders Category: Company: UnilabMediclick, Caring that Clicks – Proactive, Integrated...

Lormide 4 Capsules


Form: capsule Contents: Loperamide HCl Drug Class: Antidiarrheals Uses: Used in the treatment of diarrhea Category: Company: Unilab

Glydolax Adult 2.5g 12 Suppositories


Form: Suppository 2.5 g Contents: Glycerol Drug Class: Laxatives, Purgatives Uses: Occasional constipation. Promotes stool evacuation when oral laxatives are ineffective or could not be administered. Category: Company: UnilabMediclick, Caring...

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