Covid Essentials

Zithromax 500mg 3 Tablets


Zithromax FC tab 500 mg tablet 3's Zithromax FC tab 500 mg (azithromycin dihydrate) is used to treat many different types of infections caused by bacteria, such as respiratory infections,...

Sinupret Forte 20 Dragees


Sinupret Forte Dragees 20's Sinupret Forte Dragees 20’s (Sambucus nigra (elder flower), Primula veris and Primula elatior (primula flower with calyx), Rumex crispus (common sorrel herb), Verbena officinalis (verbena herb),...

Ritemed Omeprazole 20mg 10 Capsules


Ritemed Omeprazole 20mg 10 Capsules Ritemed Omeprazole 20mg (omeprazole) is a short-term treatment of duodenal & gastric ulcer, gastro-esophageal reflux. It is also a symptomatic relief for frequent heartburn that...

Poten-Cee Forte 1000mg 6 Tablets


Poten cee forte 1000 mg 6 Tablets Poten-Cee forte 1000 mg (ascorbic acid) is a supplement necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Vitamin C is...

Cixtor-Z 500mg 6 Capsules


Cixtor-Z Vitamin C with Zinc 500mg 6 Capsules Cixtor-Z Vitamin C with Zinc (Ascorbic acid, zinc) is a chewable tablet used as treatment and prevention of vitamin C and Zinc...

Sinecod Forte 50mg 10 Tablets


Sinecod Forte 50mg 10 Tablets Sinecod Forte 50 mg (Butamirate citrate) is a medication used for symptomatic treatment of cough of various origins, it is a valuable cough suppressant. The...

Bioflu 10mg/2mg/500mg 10 Tablets


Bioflu 10mg/2mg/500mg 10 Tablets Bioflu 10 mg/2mg/500 mg is used for relief of clogged nose, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, postnasal drip, body aches, and sneezing. Patients also use...

Biogesic 500mg 20 Tablets


Biogesic 500mg 20 Tablets A good way to care for yourself and those you love when treating headaches, fever, and pain involves some rest, hot or cold compress, and the...

Advil 10 Capsules


Advil Liquigel 10 Capsules Advil Liquigel Capsules (Ibuprofen) is indicated to reduce fever and to help relieve mild to moderate pain and inflammation associated with dysmenorrhea, headache including migraine, postoperative...

Nasathera 10 Capsules


Nasathera Capsule Nasathera Capsule (Paracetamol) is a decongestant used in aid of flu, common cold, headache, colds, sinus irritation, and congestion associated with allergies, period pains, toothache, and hay fever....

Poten-Cee Na Ascorbate 562.5mg 10 Capsules


Poten-Cee +C (Vitamin C + Collagen) 10 Capsules Poten-Cee with Collagen is a supplement that contains Vitamin C and Collagen. Poten cee with collagen benefits include skin vitality. Several studies...

Poten-Cee 500mg 10 Tablets


Poten-Cee (Vitamin C) 500mg 10 Sugar CoatedTablets Poten-Cee 500 mg (Ascorbic acid) is a sugar-coated tablet which aids in prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency. It helps boost immunity...

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