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Betadine Gargle 240ml 1 Solution


Betadine Gargle 240ml Betadine Gargle 240 mL (Povidone Iodine) is an oral germicide which provides prompt and comforting relief against mouth and throat inflammation. Because there's too much bacteria in...

Aspilets EC 80mg 10 Tablets


Form: tablet 80mg Contents: Aspirin Drug Class: Anticoagulants,Antiplatelets & Fibrinolytics (Thrombolytics Uses: For the prevention of cardiovascular disease Category: Gastro Care Company: United PharmaMediclick, Caring that Clicks – Proactive, Integrated and...

Bactroban 0.02 15g 1 Ointment


Form: ointment 15g, 2% Contents: Mupirocin Drug Class: Topical Antibiotics Uses: Topical treatment of primary and secondary skin infections Category: Infections Care Company: GlaxoSmithKlineMediclick, Caring that Clicks – Proactive, Integrated and...

Cialis FC 5mg 14 Tablets


CIALIS FC TABLET 5MG Cialis FC 5 mg is a tablet intended to treat erectile dysfunction and to treat the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The Cialis erectile...

Biogesic 120mg/5ml Orange 60ml 1 Bottle


Form: syrup 60 mL, 120 mg/5mL Contents: Paracetamol Drug Class: Analgesics (Non-Opioid) & Antipyretics Uses: Symptomatic relief of mild to moderate pain Category: Pain/Fever Care Company: Unilab Mediclick, Caring that Clicks...

Tempra Forte 500mg 10 Tablets


Tempra Forte 500mg 10 Tablets Tempra Forte 500mg (Paracetamol) is a medication that acts as an analgesic that helps in increasing the pain threshold and antipyretic for temperature regulation in...

Rogin-E 7 Capsules


Rogin-E (Multivitamins + Minerals) 7 Capsules Rogin-E Multivitamins and minerals (Multivitamins + minerals + deanol + royal jelly + korean panax ginseng) is a supplement that helps to balance intake...

Caltrate Silver Advance 8 Tablets


Caltrate Silver Advance (Calcium + Vitamin D3 + Minerals) 8 Tablets Caltrate Plus 500D (Calcium + Vitamin D3 + Minerals) is a film-coated tablet used for prevention and treatment of...

Centrum Silver 8 Tablets


Centrum Silver (Multivitamins + Minerals) 8 Tablets Centrum Silver Advance (Multivitamins + Minerals) is a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement to support various health needs of adults. It is used...

Renalog 600mg 10 Tablets


Form: 600 mg tablet Contents: Ketoanalogues + essential amino acids Drug Class: Other Drugs acting on the Genito Urinary System Uses: deficient protein metabolism in chronic kidney disease Category: Kidney...

Galvus Met 50mg/500mg 1 Tablet


Galvus Met (Vidagliptin/Metformin Hydrochloride) 50mg/500mg 1 Tablet " Galvus Met (Vildagliptin/Metformin Hydrochloride) 50 mg/500 mg is a combination drug of 50 mg Vildagliptin (DPP-4 inhibitor), and 500 mg Metformin (Biguanides)...

Fluimucil 600mg 2 Tablets


Fluimucil Effervescent tablet 600mg - 2's Fluimucil Effervescent tablet 600 mg (acetylcysteine) is used for the treatment of respiratory affections characterized by thick and viscous hypersecretions due to acute bronchitis,...

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