Mediclick’s (S)heroes: Braving – and winning against – the odds

Congratulations to our Sheroes  - Angie Mariano, Maricar Bundialan, and Raquel Ferrer -  for sharing their brave life stories that have surely inspired and motivated the Mediclick community to persevere in their own personal struggles.

Angie Mariano is a strong believer in positivity, preferring to look at “stretch marks not as an imperfection, but as a mark of the strength that she had found when she delivered her baby.” With this thinking she has found confidence in the way she carries herself.  

"I am a Strong Woman!. I'm not afraid to share my opinions and speak the truth and by being true to my self I don't want to copy other people, I do what ever I want as long as it's good and fair to other people.
My unique and one of a kind beauty makes me feel beautiful is finding my own strength and confidence in myself, and trying to walk through the world with positivity and expressing love and kindness towards other people. People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder.
I have a goal of leaving an imprint on the world for doing great things especially helping other people By setting aside some time each day to reflect on what behaviors were good and bad, I have the opportunity to grow and learning to manage eventually to forgive and let go of anger is so important to be a better person.
Before,I am insecure of my stretchmarks after giving birth with my son but I've realized that all I need is to be proud of this body and every mark on it. Those marks have proven that I am blessed enough and that Iam strong enough to carry and deliver a baby. Now I know stretch marks and my big body are reminders of what my body is truly capable of having. What I thought would signifies ugliness, actually signifies beauty and life. I am wearing a bikini without changing a thing about myself and not afraid for wearing this because I am confident and feel free and comfortable anywhere, everywhere,I don't mind if my body is no shape and lot's of stripes.Because in the end, I want my heart to be covered in stretch marks and these are proud battle scars of being a #IamWoman .
The most important thing I've learned this time is how to appreciate the little things in life. Look at the bright side things, spend more time with my family and taking care of our health."

Like Angie, Maricar Bundialan discovered bravery in motherhood. Too. A C-section delivery is not without risk but instead of focusing on that, she looked at the reason behind the surgery, “for the safety of her baby.”

We are strong, we are brave
We laid our body down and got cut open for the safety of our children
We have a scar and we wear it with pride!
We are proud that we can say we survived we are not alone!
“C-Section moms are the bravest moms. How else would you describe someone who is willing to be cut open, left with a scar and caring for an infant while recovering from major surgery?” -Lauren Tingley"

Solo parent Raquel Ferrer has gone through quite a lot too. Aside for being the breadwinner to a family of 2 kids and her 70-year-old mom, she has been managing a chronic kidney disease. Even when she got infected with Covid, she still chose strength and to be” joyful, appreciative , faithful and grateful even n the hardest and darkest time.:

"I’m a public servant for more that 16 years now and I am happy with my work. I am grateful for my work since its been my bread and butter for being the sole provider of my family. I am a solo Parent of two kids with a mom who’s 70 years Old. Last 2019 I was diagnosed having chronic kidney disease and have to undergo emergency dialysis. It’s been 2 years and two months being a dialysis patient. And being a solo parent and an Immuno-compromised in the onset of pandemic is a big challenge. I have to go for my usual routine at work for our living and for my medications. My love for my family and dedication to my work is greater than my fear on being outside knowing that I am vulnerable to it. And I encountered the risk of being infected with covid 19 I am positive last March 2020. Physically, Emotionally and Financially I am drained but I Thank God I survive It. I survive it because of my family, my ever-supportive boss, colleague and friends without them I don’t know how to handle the anxieties. Fear is there, depression is there, emotional weakness is there but my faith to our Lord is always there too. That love and care I felt from our Lord and to my circle gave me the strength to move forward and stay strong. These experiences complete me as what I am today, #IAmWoman that is much stronger, Joyful, Appreciative, faithful and Grateful even in the hardest and darkest time."

Kudos to you all!  And to support you with good health which is one of the best ways to cope with life’s challenges, Mediclick is giving each winner a PHP 2,000 health bundle.